ARYO strings April 13, 2021

ARYO April 2022 (9)

The Acadia Regional Youth Orchestra (ARYO) strings program offers beginner and elementary instruction in violin, viola, cello, and double bass, and participation in two different levels of string orchestra, for students ages 10-24, along with a Fiddle Group open to all ages.

Acadia University students are welcome to join us for this program!

Our Partnership with the Acadia School of Music

Following an invitation from the Acadia University School of Music, the Horton Community Youth Orchestra program (HCYO), which had been offered in collaboration with Horton High school for three years, moved to the Acadia University School of Music in September 2018 and is now known as the Acadia Regional Youth Orchestra.  ARYO operates alongside the Annapolis Valley Honour Choir and the Acadia Youth Band, very successful ensembles using the Acadia School of Music facilities as well. ARYO clinics and rehearsals are held in the Festival Theatre Lobby and Stage. (Due to Covid-19, we currently have our sessions at Horton Community Centre in Grand Pré.)

Our Mission

ARYO is a Nova Scotia registered not-for-profit society.

Our defined objectives are as follows:

  1. To provide string music education and to promote string music in the Annapolis Valley
  2. To promote string and orchestra music in local and regional school programs
  3. To associate with the province of Nova Scotia’s post-secondary Music Education program through the Acadia University School of Music
  4. To collaborate with other musical groups in the Annapolis Valley Region
  5. To promote and preserve the Nova Scotian heritage of fiddle and folk music through instruction and performance

Our Board

ARYO is run by the Program Director in close collaboration with a volunteer board. *Board members benefit from a free registration for themselves or a family member in any one of our programs. Board members attend 5 regular meetings per year (held via Zoom). For the ongoing running of the association, the Program Director will sometimes submit a topic for approval or comment, requiring only a brief email response. Board roles are well-defined, but also flexible so as to allow for members’ different skills and time availability. If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact us by email. A brief description of each board member role is as follows:

President: Within ARYO, the President convenes and chairs board meetings, and fulfils an advisory role with regard to the Program Director and directors of the board.

V‌ice-President: The Vice-President chairs meetings when the President is absent. They may act as the Agent of the ARYO for the NS Registry of Joint Stock Companies (one yearly filing of a brief report).

Secretary: The ARYO Secretary acts as recording secretary, taking minutes at meetings, and making them available to the board. they also contribute to areas such as website updates, media relations, poster and brochure design, and organization of events, in collaboration with the Program Director.

Treasurer: The Treasurer fulfills a typical treasurer role for an association, in close collaboration with the President and Program Director.

Member at Large: The minimum for the Member at Large is to attend Board meetings, to provide input in discussion and ensure a quorum at the meetings. Their contribution is welcomed in any other way that their availability allows.

Our Instructors

Elizabeth Sircom is our 2021/22 Program Director. She works with our Introductory Orchestra and is instructor of our Beginner Instrument Clinic.

Keigan Richard conducts both our Introductory Orchestra and ARYO Orchestra.

Klorissa Farnsworth is instructor of the Level 2 Mixed Instrument Clinic, and leads our Fiddle Group.

Dr. Christoph Both, formerly of the Acadia University School of Music, is the President of the ARYO Board.

You are welcome to contact us with any questions or for more information at